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Between Floors

Sheep Wool Insulation can be installed between floors to improve thermal and acoustic insulation performance. The insulation is rolled between the joists to fill, or partially fill the cavity. This slows down heat transfer between floors and reduces the cavity through which soundwaves can travel. This application is common in two storey, mezzanine, attic conversion and timber frame applications.

Insulating between floors improves your ability to control heat transfer within a building. Although the heat may not be lost if it passes from one floor to another, it may be passing into a room that is less often used and thus the energy is wasted.

The thickness required will be up to the decision maker. The minimum recommended thickness is 100mm to ensure adequate reduction in sound transfer. As the heat is not escaping the building, there is no thermal insulation regulation for this applications. It is also advisable to aim to reduce structureborne sound transfer at this stage, see SilentWool: Joist for more details.

Premium or Comfort insulation rolls are suitable for this application. No U-value or condensation risk analysis has been performed as it is unnecessary in this application.

The image below shows an example of this type of application:

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